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This is a homepage dedicated to Jame Cameron's Titanic because it is the best movie I have seen in my life! It touched me in a way - oh it's hard to explain.  Jame's Cameron is some heck of a genius.  When you read about the Titanic in a text book, it's like oh a giant ship sank because they were going too fast, like, who cares?  It's so much more than that, and now the whole world realizes what a tragedy it was and what a historic night April 14, 1912 was. Did you all hear about Titanic playing in theaters on April 14, 2012?  I think that's pretty amazing.  I don't care if I'll get swamped in the theaters that night, I'm going to see Titanic on that night.  I'm normally not this obsessed with any movie, but this one is so diffferent.  How could a movie be so beautiful ?
Call me crazy, but I'd love for you to email me and ramble about the movie!
Now you know how obsessed I am! I even made a Titanic email address!
Dolphins Jumpin
I know I can't top all the beauifully done Titanic Sites all over the web (so there are other people who are obsessed!)
This page was created on February 5th, 1998 just because I wanted to.
I know, I know, the whole world probably knows Titanic won these four awards, but what would this site be if it didn't list them again?
Best Motion Picture - Drama
Best Director - James Cameron
Best Original Score - James Horner
Best Original Song - "My Heart Will Go On" - Music by James Horner and Lyrics by Will Jennings performed by Celine Dion

My Review of the Movie:

I thought this was the best movie I have ever seen.  I knew it was going to be the momment it started with the people waving goodbye and the music.  It gave me chills.  It was so clever how they started off the movie.  You know, when there is blue waves and then TITANIC is written across the screen.  It got better and better.  It was just amazing when the ship was setting off for America and even more amazing when the ship sank. Leo was great, Kate was great, every single detail was perfect.

Actually, the first time I saw the movie I developed a headache when the ship hit the iceberg.  I had to endure it for the rest of the movie.  The first time I saw it I didn't like how they showed people falling and hitting things with a thunk (esp. the guy hitting the propeller and spinning) and I thought it was gruesome.  But these things really happened and so many people did die. The second time I payed attention to the music and words and realized how much meaning the movie had. I have seen the movie only twice so far, but plan to see it a bunch more times before it leaves big screen.  And I strongly strongly suggest everybody should see this movie in a theater.  My ol' grandparents even left home for once and my uncle took them to see it.  Everybody loved it.  It's great Titanic won those awards (they should have won more!!) but it's clear Titanic has sincerely touched the world.

Okay, as I said before, I know there are sites with so much more original content than mine, so my goal is to have to biggest list of links for Titanic. below for the Hot Links!

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